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Christmas Cakeのご予約は12月15日(金)まで!


Why Eightablish focuses on sweets

Originally, the Eightablish cafe offered a vegan menu, but he began to think, “I want to make vegans more familiar.

What is something that anyone from adults to children can eat, take as souvenirs, give as gifts, and share the joy with more people? The answer was sweets.

Among them, cookies are often eaten first in the process of growing from a baby to a child.

For example, “VegAnimal Cookies”, the predecessor of our standard product Hug Me Cookies, was named by combining “Veagn” and “Animal” to create cookies in the shape of animals that children love. There is also the humor of eating animals even though it is vegan!? Wheat flour, maple syrup, Taihaku sesame oil...the ingredients are as simple as possible, and no nuts are used so that even small children can eat them.

Sweet and savory treats are sure to be a magical existence for children. That's why we take great care of our sweets and carefully handcraft them one by one. We believe that Eightablish sweets bring happiness and smiles to everyone and make everyone feel kind.


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