Pistachio & Lemon Kouglof [Aoyama store pick up]


麻布台ヒルズ店限定 / 店頭受け取り商品


Kouglof is baked with a bright green pistachio dough mixed with jam made by simmering whole lemons without wax or preservatives. The rich pistachio flavor is accented with the refreshing scent of lemon zest. Topped with homemade vegan white chocolate, caramelized hazelnuts, dehydrated lemon slices and pistachios. Gluten-free with no wheat. We will put it in a cake box and deliver it by cool frozen delivery.

■ Size Hole size 4 (approximately 14 cm x height 6 cm) / for 4 to 6 people)

■Expiration date Keep refrigerated and consume within 2 days.

■Ingredients Tofu, beet sugar, pesticide-free rice flour, rapeseed oil, almond powder, pistachio, cocoa butter, lemon, organic agave syrup, white sorghum, amaranth, organic soy flour, hazelnuts, organic maple syrup, organic vanilla extract, sea salt/ baking powder (aluminum free)

■Allergic ingredients (out of 28 specific raw materials)
Soybeans, almonds * Manufactured in the same workshop as products using wheat and peanuts.

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★This is an order cake that can be picked up at the Aoyama store.
(Cannot be picked up at the Toyama store.)
Please be sure to read the following notes before ordering.

(1) Please note that although the product will be picked up at the store, it is necessary to fill in the address due to the system.

② We accept orders up to 3 days before the desired pick-up date. Please fill in the desired pick-up date and approximate arrival time in "AM" or "PM" in the remarks column. (Parlor 8ablish Hours: 10:00-18:00)

③Cancellations cannot be made after an order has been placed.

④ We will attach a message cookie plate and candles (5) as a set. The standard message is "Happy Birthday". If you would like any other message, please write it in the remarks column.

メッセージクッキープレート&キャンドル(5本)をセットでお付けいたします。通常メッセージは「Happy Birthday」でご用意いたします。その他メッセージをご希望の方は、備考欄にお書き添えください。






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