Domestically grown tea cultivated using natural farming methods in the lush green land of Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture. The tea leaves are hand-selected one by one, roasted in an iron kettle that has been used for over 100 years, and carefully roasted. This medicinal herb tea is caffeine-free and safe for children to drink.

A gentle taste with a slight sweetness in the aroma. It is said to be good for suppressing fat absorption, diuretic, laxative (constipation), and preventing high blood pressure. 1 teacup (120cc) is a standard for 1 packet. It's delicious even if you chill it and drink it with ice cream.

* This product cannot be wrapped in wrapping paper or attached with Noshi.

■ Contents
10 packets (2g per packet)

■Size box: Approximately 14.3cm in height X 6.8cm in width X 4cm in depth

■ Expiration date 180 days or more when stored at room temperature

■Raw material Kawaraketsumei (produced in Kochi Prefecture)


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