Domestically grown tea cultivated using natural farming methods in the lush green land of Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture. The tea leaves are hand-selected one by one, roasted in an iron kettle that has been used for over 100 years, and carefully roasted. This medicinal herb tea is caffeine-free and safe for children to drink.

It features a unique plump scent. When boiled, it becomes a beautiful brown color. It is said to be good for recovering from fatigue, regulating the intestines, preventing atopic dermatitis, beautifying the skin, and promoting metabolism. Recommended for people who drink or eat too much. 1 teacup (120cc) is a standard for 1 package.

* This product cannot be wrapped in wrapping paper or attached with Noshi.

■ Contents
10 packets (1 packet 2g)

■Size box: Approximately 14.3cm in height X 6.8cm in width X 4cm in depth

■ Expiration date 180 days or more when stored at room temperature

■Ingredients Loquat leaves (produced in Kochi Prefecture)


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