I am Char


"Apollo & Char" picture book series ☆ Apollo and Char will deliver a kind heart to everyone.

Persian Cat Onnako Char is very fashionable. Crayons, flowers, rainbows, tomatoes... I have many favorite ribbons. Perhaps Char is good at finding "nice things" that are often overlooked nearby. There are wonderful things nearby.

◎ About the Apollo & Char series Apollo, a white Shiba Inu boy who is kind and full of curiosity, and Char, a Persian cat girl who loves fashion and takes good care of her. The Apollo & Char series conveys to children a caring heart that appreciates nature and cherishes life. In addition, Apollo & Char Company will donate a portion of the profits from books and original goods to activities that protect the environment and activities that support children.

■Size 190×190mm

■ Text bilingual in Japanese and English

Written and illustrated by Akiko Kawamura/published by Little More


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