Homemade Granola


Homemade granola made by mixing oats, dates, cashew nuts, walnuts and pumpkin seeds and slowly baking them in the oven. Adding moderately sour organic raisins and organic cranberries made it even more delicious. It is a luxurious finish where you can enjoy the original deliciousness of the ingredients and the flavorful sweetness of the date syrup every time you bite into it.

Enjoy with soy milk or yogurt as you like. You can also enjoy topping with seasonal fruits. Choose from 200g for 2-3 servings and a slightly more affordable large size.

* This product cannot be wrapped in wrapping paper or attached with Noshi.

■ Expiration date 60 days or more when stored at room temperature

Ingredients Organic oatmeal, date syrup, dried dates, organic cashew nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, organic raisins, organic cranberries, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, beet sugar, pure cocoa

■Allergic ingredients (out of 28 specific raw materials)
Wheat, walnuts, cashew nuts *Manufactured in the same workshop as products using soybeans and peanuts.


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