Type/sizeDOGS 180ml
Enzyme mist "Bio shower" that uses the action of enzymes to bring out the healthy beauty of pets while keeping them clean. Odorless, colorless, additive-free, all natural ingredients are safe to lick. A versatile mist that can be used as a substitute for shampoo with a well-balanced combination of various degrading enzymes. There is a great value L size for dogs, cats, and small animals. (the contents are all the same)

◎Worried about the body odor of pets and odors in the house ◎Worried about the stickiness of sebum

Do you have any concerns about your precious pet?
This may be due to the lack of enzymes.

Originally, dogs and cats, which are wild creatures, take in enzymes from raw meat and the environment, but pets who live in the same clean environment as humans do not have the opportunity to take in enzymes. By supplementing with the same enzymes as in the natural world, it purifies odors and dirt and confines bad bacteria.

The main ingredient of Bio Shower is the lactic acid bacteria enzyme, which is good bacteria. Enzymes derived from plants with various effects are blended in a well-balanced manner.

Fatty acid-degrading enzyme (lipase), carbohydrate-degrading enzyme (amylase), and protein-degrading enzyme (protease) replenish the moisture that is lacking in the coat. These hydrolytic enzymes decompose sebum dirt, discharge unnecessary fat, and promote hair gloss. It also treats chafed, dry, itchy and irritated skin.
Ammonia degrading enzyme breaks down odors. It can also be expected to be effective against hair gloss and deodorant. Natural ore is used for minerals. All natural ingredients do not pollute the environment. It is a hygienic product that is kind to pets and the earth.

★How to use★
◎Please spray it on the whole body several times a day. Massage while massaging so that it reaches the skin, and let it dry naturally. You can expect results by using it every day.
◎ Please use instead of shampoo for pets who do not like baths.
◎For ear cleaning→Apply to a cotton swab.
◎ After using the toilet → Keep your buttocks clean.
◎ After a walk → Spray on the soles of your feet before entering the house. Suppresses the growth of germs.

■Raw materials Enzyme, Mineral water

Main enzymes/components Fatty acid-degrading enzyme (lipase), carbohydrate-degrading enzyme (amylase), protein-degrading enzyme (protease), ammonia-degrading enzyme, natural ore


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