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Yachiyo Fukiyose


Based on organic rice flour and organic maple syrup, the Japanese cookie series "Yachiyo" uses organic or naturally grown ingredients collected from all over Japan. There are 8 flavors in total. Each characteristic is well-balanced, and it is a cookie with a new texture where you can feel the power of fragrant and high-quality ingredients.

Sake lees, yuzu, matcha, Japanese pepper, roasted tea, ginger, plum, miso
An assortment of cans that allow you to enjoy all 8 flavors little by little. I spread organic black soybeans between cookies so as not to use plastics and buffers as much as possible.

* This product cannot be wrapped in wrapping paper or attached with Noshi. If you wish, please purchase a gift box.

◎ Sake lees Sake lees from Ota Sake Brewery "Benten Musume", a sake brewery in Wakasa Town, Tottori Prefecture, are used. Fragrant aroma and crispy texture.

◎ Yuzu organic yuzu peel bittersweet and refreshing scent.

◎ Matcha A luxurious taste that allows you to enjoy the elegant and deep aroma of organic matcha.

◎ Refreshing fragrance and gentle pungent taste of Japanese pepper "Asakura Sansho".

◎ Roasted tea Strong and delicious taste using organic roasted tea leaves from Mie Prefecture.

◎ Ginger Organic cardamom accents the spicy flavor of organic ginger from Kochi Prefecture.

◎Plum Organic Kishu Nanko plum flesh is kneaded into the dough, giving it a gentle acidity and plum scent.

◎Miso Organic Hatcho miso is used. The unique sweetness and aroma of Haccho miso spreads out in your mouth.

■ Approximately 120g of content (cookies: 3 each x 8 types)

■Size Can: Approximately 12cm x 12cm wide x 3.8cm high

■ Expiration date We will deliver products that are stored at room temperature for 45 days or more.

Ingredients Rice flour (organic rice from Shiga Prefecture), organic maple syrup, organic rapeseed oil, organic almond powder, organic potato starch, organic black soybeans, sake lees, organic plum, organic yuzu juice, brown rice flour, organic soybean miso, organic matcha, organic sugar beet Sugar, organic roasted tea, organic ginger, Japanese pepper, organic cardamom, organic grape juice, sea salt.

■Allergic ingredients (out of 28 specific raw materials)
Soybeans, almonds * Manufactured in the same workshop as products using wheat and peanuts.


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