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Salty Cookies Gift Box

wrapping paper

An assortment of 3 types of salty gluten-free & vegan cookies "Sale series" that goes well with alcohol. It will be delivered in a chic black gift box.

◎ Tomato Basil Crackers
A crunchy cracker. Rice flour batter made with organic tomato, seasoned with basil and black pepper for just the right amount of saltiness.

SAKEKASU Cheese Pies
A vegan pie with a crispy and light texture that uses sake lees from Ou Sake Brewery in Shimane Prefecture. The flavor of sake lees has a salty taste like cheese, and it goes well with sake.

 Peanut Cookies
A crunchy cookie that retains the texture of peanuts. The peanut butter and Haccho miso mixed in the dough are not too sweet, but have a rich taste.

When ordering, please choose whether or not to include wrapping paper and Noshi.
*If you wish to use Noshi, please specify the purpose, writing, name engraving, and desired content of Noshi in the "Remarks" column. (Example: Celebration, Kotobuki, family celebration, mid-year gift, year-end gift, etc.)
We will decide "bow knot" or "knot cut" according to the description. If there is no instruction, we will respond with a bow (red and white, 7 pieces) noshi without writing or engraving your name.

■ Contents Tomato basil crackers 1 can (35 pieces)
Salmon casserole cheese pie 1 can (30 pieces)
1 can of peanut cookies (15 pieces)

■ Size Gift box: cm x cm x cm

■ Expiration date
30 days after production (stored at room temperature)

■Raw materials
[Tomato Basil Cracker] Rice flour (organic rice from Shiga Prefecture), almond powder, organic tomato juice, rapeseed oil, paprika powder, sea salt, garlic, dried basil, black pepper

[ Sake cass cheese pie] Rice flour (organic rice from Shiga Prefecture), organic coconut oil, organic soy milk, sake lees, almond powder, rapeseed oil, sea salt, black pepper

[ Peanut cookies] Rice flour (organic rice from Shiga Prefecture), rapeseed oil, organic maple syrup, almond powder, organic potato starch, peanuts, organic peanut butter, organic soy milk, organic Hatcho miso, sea salt / baking powder (aluminum free)

■Allergic ingredients (out of 28 specific raw materials)
Almonds, soybeans, peanuts *Manufactured in the same workshop as products using wheat and nuts.


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