Dotswill HAKKA


Multi-Purpose Water that can be sprayed in every scene of life. A 100% natural all-purpose mist containing a well-balanced blend of various degrading enzymes. Refresh your mood with the scent of red circle mint, a native species of Hokkaido. You can use it with confidence even if you have small children or pets.

◎ For kitchens and water areas ◎ When you are concerned about the smell of fabrics such as sofas and pillows ◎ For the smell of cigarettes ◎ For drying laundry in the room ◎ For cars and air conditioners Therefore, be sure to test in an inconspicuous area before using.

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The raw materials are a well-balanced blend of only natural ingredients such as plant-derived lactic acid bacteria enzymes, which are good bacteria, and amino acids and minerals derived from natural ores. Hydrolytic enzymes such as lipolytic enzymes and carbohydrate-degrading enzymes break down greasy stains. A deodorizing hygiene aid product that is useful in many ways, such as cleaning rooms and washrooms, and removing odors from clothing. In addition, if you use it when washing, it will be difficult for unpleasant odors to remain even if you dry it indoors. It will be more effective if you use it every day.

This product, which is the third project, is a collaboration with Ueta LABO, a company based in Kochi Prefecture that researches water quality improvement and water purification treatment using enzymes. Ueta LABO provides 100% natural, safe and secure products such as soil and fertilizer that help plants and vegetables grow with the power of benign microorganisms.

3% of the sales will be donated to the international medical organization NPO Japan Heart "SmileSmilePROJECT - Cheerleaders for Children and Families Fighting Childhood Cancer -".

■ Ingredients Enzymes, minerals, peppermint oil


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